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June 6, 2004 by EFalgui
Ravaged Soul

I live in a world of misery,
And caged by my own desires.
I’ve gone on ahead to my paradise
Of which I now despise.

All my goals have turned to ashes
And all the ashes into dust
But I’ll struggle on to find new dreams,
In this world of empty scenes

Till death devours me and I am cold
My life would be for myself alone.
I’ll join the anger and all the strife
This world will be my playground,
My pleasure, my delight…

Poetry from me!?!?! Pretty hard to be...
May 23, 2004 by EFalgui
I remember when I was a kid I had this thing about reading books. I thought that anything without any visual representations was a bore to read. I then felt that reading a book of any kind as a chore that I’d rather not do.

The funny thing about it is that these days I have collected about 500 books or so. In the beginning I was only interested with Fantasy books such as the series known as “Xanth Series” (Author: Piers Anthony). After a while though I started collecting other genres like s...
April 24, 2004 by EFalgui
“Looks Doesn’t Matter” How anyone can say this with a straight face, i just don’t know. The first thing that gets me to become attracted to a person is whether they look good or dress well. Basically since i don’t know them too well at first i want to be seen with good-looking people only, of course this doesn’t count if they are already my friends in the first place. (Im talking about meeting people who i don’t know and not people who my friends know. if my friends know them well then looks d...
April 21, 2004 by EFalgui
Its a simple question with a simple answer. Forr me the reson the world exists is, so that, i would have a place to be born to. Everyone else in the world is just there to make me learn to be me. All of you exists because of me. HAHAHAHA *Laughs maniacally*
April 12, 2004 by EFalgui
Here are a few thing ive been thinking about when i was drunk. I think id better stop drinking too much.

While in Jail: Better to fuck than to be fucked.

While Driving: i wonder what that policeman would do if i showed him my Ass. (please note that it didnt go too well for me.)

While in the sack: would she mind if i went for another go while she's asleep? hmm....

While doing my laundromat: i wonder if that girl notice a few of her panties missing. oh well.

After listening to the p...
April 11, 2004 by EFalgui
I cant understand why so many try to kill themselves. Is it because they are cowards? Probably the answer to this is yes, but lets not stop there. For me they are also what i would call a waste of space and air in this earth that already has too many stupid people fucking up my world with pollution and other kinds of shit.

The best thing to do to people who failed at killing themselves is to give them a bit of a push at the top floor of the highest building one can find. Not only will you be ...
April 11, 2004 by EFalgui
Hey guys i am BACK!!! just wanna say ive missed posting here. Anyway, hows everyone? I tried to make a new blogs somewhere else but it just aint the same without all you guys. It was fucking boring to tell you the truth. Well its already late so i think ill get some sleep before i start writing shit again. bye all!!!
March 22, 2004 by EFalgui
Hey guys help my cousin win this contest. please vote for her here at .She is at second place at the moment. so vote for her, she only needs 150 votes to get the lead.

heres her pic

Heres My favorites:
February 23, 2004 by EFalgui
This is the story so far. I started this post a few weeks ago. The point of the post was to create a story where anyone could participate in its making.

These are the characters so far:
Sir Peter
Jepel (died in the story… doesn’t mean he cant be a ghost right? or maybe a great philosopher knows a place where its possible to revive the dead.
King Draginol

The Mad Clown
Bearded woman

A. I would like to thank Jepel and Sir P...
February 21, 2004 by EFalgui
Ive always loved this song. whenever i heard this. i remembered the darkness and how free i felt whenever i was in the dark. i think this song speaks about how dreams can give us answers to lifes problems, and the only thing we need to do is to be aware of it. weird huh?

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound ...
February 21, 2004 by EFalgui
will I ever escape the stigma of my youth? Everywhere I go whatever I do everyone seems like they are expecting me to fail at any moment. The better I do the more people around me want to fail or in the least expect me to. It’s even worse with my family and relatives. At least with outsiders they also see the good things that I do. They acknowledge it and praise me for it. At home though and at family meetings people seem to want to hear bad news about my job, relationships etc. and when they d...
February 20, 2004 by EFalgui
Hmm, this seems kind of accurate for the most part. from what i read this has something to do with celtic astrology. not really sure though. anyway im august 15 so im a cedar tree.

Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree
Feb 04 to Feb 08 - Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 - Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28 - Pine Tree
Mar 01 to Mar 10 - Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 - Lime Tree
Mar 21 - Oak Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 - Hazelnut Tr...
February 17, 2004 by EFalgui
This is a simple kind of game with a few simple rules.


i make a paragraph about anything then you keep adding adding to it. every reply is a new chapter and thats what you are supposed to reply to next. the goal is to make the story as long as can use any name as long as you are not "too" insulting. simple isnt it?

There was a sudden movement to the right of Ed. as he looked toward it he was suprised by the sight of the mad clown of brentville. he called out...
February 17, 2004 by EFalgui
Bad liars are just pathetic. If you're going to lie, make it a good one and get your story straight. Be prepared. If you're going to lie to me, make sure i don't find out the truth coz that would just be insulting. Don’t give me some lame excuse and then expect that i believe that. At least put some effort into it. Be creative yet still simple enough for you to remember. Relax. Don’t stutter. Play it cool.
But you won't be able to relax. You’ll stutter. You won't be cool.
I will ask until yo...
February 16, 2004 by EFalgui
How did kisses come into being? When did us humans get lucky enough to know about kissing? There are a lot or reasons for a person to kiss someone. There is attraction, love, lust, affection, pleasure and a whole lot more. But the thing is why did the kiss become so popular? There are two sides as to how kissing started one is that it is a natural part of life, another one is that it is something cultural.

Well I am for the natural side myself. For me it’s a natural action. For one reason it...