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November 12, 2007 by Edmund Falgui
It's such a funny thing how life turns out. We wish for things that we each believe we want to have and then when we find them we find it hard to believe that it actually came true. I’m not really sure why i am writing again, in the past i wrote because something inside me was missing. a sense of emptiness that was yearning for my words to fill it. Now though it seems that i have found something that i would not even in my wildest dreams could have thought possible. I have found people who i...
January 5, 2006 by EFalgui
Hi guys, its been a long time since I posted anything here. Some of you might still remember me some might even remember a few things I posted. Anyway my life has been going well, maybe not in the way that I might have wanted it but it’s still good. Right now I’m between jobs, and I’m hoping to get one within the month. (I’m down to my thousand) Sad huh? Well I've been traveling and vacationing for the past 3 months with my girl. I guess its time to find a job again. Anyway I'm really glad t...
September 18, 2004 by EFalgui
any of you feel like your office is like a circus, there are so many types of people from all walks of life that sometimes i wonder how they could be all working in one place. i've got a couple of close friends in my office right now, most of them i met while being trained for the job. lets see how i could describe them. Bernie: he is the guy that can intimidate most people just because of his size, he dresses like a rapper but hates rap. the reason for this is that rappers nowadays gets all...
July 15, 2004 by EFalgui
I dont think i would be able to post anything for quite a while, probably ill only be posting once a month maybe even less. anyway i just want to tell all you guys that i have learned a lot about writing when i got here (though i still have tons to learn.) made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. i just want to say that its been great and i will try to drop by from time to time. adios mi amigos!!!!!