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a world full of friends and weirdos. (whats your story?)
Published on September 18, 2004 By EFalgui In Life Journals
any of you feel like your office is like a circus, there are so many types of people from all walks of life that sometimes i wonder how they could be all working in one place. i've got a couple of close friends in my office right now, most of them i met while being trained for the job. lets see how i could describe them.

Bernie: he is the guy that can intimidate most people just because of his size, he dresses like a rapper but hates rap. the reason for this is that rappers nowadays gets all the women.

Wendell: gay guy of the group, basically i didnt know he was gay until 2 weeks after meeting him. has a child and is currently divorced. he is the one who started the afterwork drinking habit of our group. small guy but can drink as much as me though gets drunk easily,(cant stop drinking until he is under the table.

Reggi: mother of the group. she is in her mid thirties, has a husband working outside the country has no children still a virgin!!! (not really sure if this is true though) when we want to go drinking without the hassle of looking for parking and using up all the cash its he place that we go to and crash.

Mae: she is one of the hottest girls in our office. intelligent and sophisticated. at first glance one would think that she would be a bitch. she has a way of looking at someone that makes you feel as though she is weighting everything about you whether you would be good enough to be her friend. once you get to know her though is is really a sweet girl.

PJ: first time i saw her i though wow!!! she is fucking hot!!! then i found out she was a he. hehehe it was scary. but she/he is one of the sweetest persons i know at work always there when you need someone to help you out. people from other companies always ask about her when we smoke at the lounge in the building.

EG: loner of the group can go for hours without talking. (pls note that we work in customer services, talking is what we do best.) he is the odd man of the group basically all he does is hang around the background being all silent and shit.

Russel: the holyman, a very religous person and would usually try to bring me back to God. we usually argue philosophy and religion in our spare time. he was studying to be a preist when he a few years back but wasnt able to continue for personal reasons. anyway one of my best friends (yeah im agnostic and my best friend is a guy who almost became a priest, funny aint it) at work. We once had a competition where the guy who drank the least bear would have to shoulder the bill, well we both were able to drink our companions to the ground ( drank about 30 bottles each had to leave cars and take a cab going home)

John: the kid of the group, this is another close friend of mine also a very religous guy, he is the type of peson who prays before and after each meal. the funny thing about this guy is a lot of people think he is gay. i think the proper term fr him would be metrosexual, whenever i see him skipping to his cubicle (yes he skips, that is the way he walks all the time) i always see a lot of girls looking at him checking him out. (he is good looking at least most of the girls i know says that) the only thing is though that most girls think he's gay.

Jolly: one of the most irritating people i know. she has a tendency to exaggerate things. hr motto in life is to be the best in everything and if she is not then she will make it seem like she is.

Pao: if there is a person in this world that would make you scream out in anger its Pao, he is a freeloader and good for nothing. always ants to get the best of thing without working for it. one of the biggest assholes in our office he is the person who always starts the rumors about anyone and anything. and he is gayer than any gay i know.

Edmund: basically im the older brother. even though i am one of the youngest of the group i am the one who usually puts down any fires made by my hotheaded friend bernie. i dont know why they keep on bringing me their problems but it seems that ive been forced to give all kinds of advice to these group of griends ever since we met. im the one who you'll see going around the talking to anyone not caring who they are. (some people get irritated by the way i get to smoke with the management and go drinking with them. or the way that ill just go up to a girl that i like and strike up a conversation with them.)

anyway there are a lot more but im getting sleepy so i hope you guys had fun getting to know the poeple i work with. anyway do you have any weirdos and friends in your office lets hear about them.

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