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To all you who has come into my life and made it Better
Published on November 12, 2007 By Edmund Falgui In Life Journals
It's such a funny thing how life turns out. We wish for things that we each believe we want to have and then when we find them we find it hard to believe that it actually came true. I’m not really sure why i am writing again, in the past i wrote because something inside me was missing. a sense of emptiness that was yearning for my words to fill it. Now though it seems that i have found something that i would not even in my wildest dreams could have thought possible.

I have found people who i love for no other reason than they are my friends. Now dont get me wrong i have had friends before who i have loved and hopefully have loved me in their own way, maybe they even think of their friend Ed who has brought fun, shared tears with and brought a bit of chaos in their life once upon a time. Each of them still holds a special place in my heart, small and battered with wear as it may be.

But i now have these Dear Friends who not only has a place inside my heart but actually has a part of it in each of their hands. They have seen me and known me as only one other friend of mine has known me. (yup Miks that’s you!) Because of you guys that once empty place inside me is now overflowing.

For each of you I have found happiness that I have always been wishing for. Each and everyone of you have taught me certain things in my life that I would not have known without you. (yes even you Rich, funny as it may sound) For the lesson you have given me, happiness that you brought me I thank you all. Each of you have been a blessing in my life and I am not ashamed to say that I love each of you, even more than that i reaspect you deeply. Again thank you for being you.



(for Joy, Hay, Trish and Pia)You guys are The Best!

on Dec 11, 2007
Yes im kind of weirded out by it. i never had that many friends and now i got this group that more or less knows all the shit ive been through and all the shit ive done and they are still at my side. funny huh.