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on being jobless, reading books, wheel of time, New Beyonce videos, and gift ideas for my girl.
Published on January 5, 2006 By EFalgui In Life Journals
Hi guys, its been a long time since I posted anything here. Some of you might still remember me some might even remember a few things I posted. Anyway my life has been going well, maybe not in the way that I might have wanted it but it’s still good. Right now I’m between jobs, and I’m hoping to get one within the month. (I’m down to my thousand) Sad huh? Well I've been traveling and vacationing for the past 3 months with my girl. I guess its time to find a job again.

Anyway I'm really glad to be writing again. I have really missed it. At this moment in time I am just doing the things that I have been missing when I started working. I've been catching up on my reading, just yesterday I bought about 14 books. Some were old books that I have been meaning to read but just didn’t have the time, I did buy one book that was quite new. It was Chainfire by Terry Goodkind. I just finished it and I cant believe that the next book would be the last. I'm not sure about this but from what I read it seemed very likely.

Speaking of books do any of you read Robert Jordan books? Anyway I have this friend that told me the last book was already out in the US. I just wanted to know if this was true. I really hate waiting for new books to arrive here in the Philippines. It usually takes about 4 to 5 month after the release in the US for most books to reach stores here. Sucks right?

Damn have you guys seen the video of Beyonce? She is so hot!!! Just watching her ass, WOW!!!! I mean damn right. She is definitely one of the hottest persons on the planet and then there’s her voice, her very sexy and alluring voice…. Yummy! She is one bootylicious babe!

As for the romantic side of my life… well it has its ups and downs, all in all though I'm quite happy. Mars is really addicted to the song my humps (black eyed peas) I can tell you that I'm starting to get sick of listening to that song. She will actually play it for an hour or more each day. I don’t know why this song became such a hit here. Come on, it’s a stupid song with stupid lyrics. The only thing I like about it is that it has an ending. Anyway back to my angel, right now she’s at work in Makati. She’s working for a company called Convergys. She has been in training for a certain account for a couple of weeks now. Right now I'm just waiting for her to get home. Oh yeah anyone here knows what would be nice to give her on her birthday? Her birthday’s on February 14, lucky huh. Anyway I'm off to finish my book hope to hear from you guys soon.

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