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With the Philippines tattoo artist guild!
Published on August 31, 2011 By EFalgui In Photography

Well i just had a great time this past Saturday when i went to a tattoo convention with my girlfriend and my friend. There were a lot of artists showing their skills in the convention and my friend decided to get his first tattoo there. anyway here are some of the shots in the convention.


Shot while waiting outside the convention area.



The Ticket Booth

Hot Body with a hot Tatt!

Me and my Girl Resting in the Booth.

The Boredom Sets in as my girl realizes she's really not into Rock and Roll


Grin Dept. Performing for the Festival!

Anyone want a Burger? Pardon the smoke.

Cute Gal With Stoner Guy!

Pain does not exist, Im gonna sleep.

Tools of the Trade

FHM Girls!

Anyway the tattoo festival was great, there was a lot hot women, great art, Bad-ass guys and a few of the best bands in the philippine Rock scenes. If you missed it this year, dont cha worry i'm sure the next one will be an even bigger Hit!

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