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Where are you?
Published on August 2, 2009 By EFalgui In Just Hanging Out

I have written about this around 2 or 3 years back and I was wondering about how things might have changed. After writing this one, I looked for my previous article and was a bit surprised on what things have changed and what stayed the same. One of the changes is that I am more specific nowadays with what I want. Anyway here they are:



  1. I like to have stimulating conversations with anyone I speak with, so she has to make sense when we are together. I don’t care whether we agree on certain thing as long as we can have a good conversation now and then, of course it the conversation can range from the mundane to the erotic… sorry exotic.   


  1. I think that if I want to get into a relationship with someone right now I would like her to be angelic, not just in the physical sense but also with her personality. Of course when it comes to the bedroom that’s another matter. 


  1. Now as for the bedroom, simply said I want her to be a freak! Hehehe of course this means that she would only be a freak for me. I wouldn’t want her to be freaky with anyone else of course. This also entails that she would know the whole Kama sutra positions forwards and back.  


  1. I believe she would have to be patient. I’m not sure if someone without patience would last long in a relationship with me. It’s just that I’m a bit stubborn at times especially when it come to something I know about and even if its something I only think I know about. 


  1. My woman should have a strong personality. I need her to be able to handle my mood swings. I need someone who would tell me to my face whether I am doing something wrong instead of her just keeping it to herself.  


  1.  She must be well read. I for one love to read and I think this is one thing that we must have in common. At least so I can borrow books from her instead of having to buy new one.  


  1. I need someone who would love to travel to anywhere at all. This is one of the things I love to do though I rarely do it now since I don’t have that much free time in my hands. 


  1. She has to love kids. This is something very important to me since I am very close to my nieces and nephews. I have battalions of them and they are all special to me.


  1. She would have to be someone who understands that I need space sometime. I have these moods when I would just like to be left alone for some time. Same thing with me wanting to spend time with friends. If my friends and I will go out it would be great if she understands that my friend are a part of my life too. 


  1. Trust. This is something that we would need for each other and is the most important one on the list.

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