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Filipino style!!! (De La Salle University, Ateneo, UST, FEU, NU, CRC/UAP, CSB, UP)
Published on September 20, 2004 By EFalgui In Humor
Here is an email from a friend of mine from la salle. it is all about how the students of each major university in the philippines see each others alma matter. anyway in i hope you like it as muc as i did!

Psycho Speaks...on School Pride

Any of you catch the previous La Salle - Ateneo game?
The one where La Salle blew a 15-point half time lead?
The one that robbed many a Green's wallet and savings
accounts of their contents? The one that most of you
rubbed in my face the moment you saw me? Yeah, that

Well, it got me thinking of several things. Chief
among which was how I can get away with bleeding
Cardona's throat for choking YET AGAIN!
But it also got me remembering about my college days.
It seemed like eons ago and yet some feelings seem so
fresh today even after 6 years.

I was a diehard Archer fan back then. Win or lose I'd
be at the games,cheering and shouting for all I was
worth. School Pride. You loved
your campus and hated the others.

We all outgrow it eventually. Or do we? Let's test it
shall we? Listed below are several schools and what I
think of them. Try to see what you feel after reading
what this jack-off had to say about your


This school's trademark is arrogance. Nothing more,
nothing less. I have, to this day, not met an Atenean
who does not think that their school is THE best there
is. Even La Sallites and um, uh, UP people (what do
you call yourselves anyway?) are not this shamelessly
boastful. This does not mean to say however, that they
are all pricks and witches. Some of the best buds I
have are Ateneans. All two of them. But come on!
Seriously, the only thing Ateneo can claim to be the
best in is creating a 2-hour gridlock over a road
stretching 3 damned kilometers!!!
Oh, and Interdisciplinary Studies is NOT a course.
It's Jesuit charity for the incurably dumb and lazy.

Hmmm, let's see what I can say about Adamson. Well,
there's the fact their school color is blue like
Ateneo. Their team mascot is a bird like Ateneo. Aside
from that, there's not a shred else. Damn this school
is boring.

FEU and UE
Do any of you know what FEU stands for? Forever
Useless! Yes, I'm an ass. But joking aside, the Far
Eastern University and the University of
the East are two schools whose names imply that at
least one of them was founded by a group of people who
had the creative, artistic, and imaginative prowess of
a pile of rocks. Seriously though, these are feel good
schools. If you don't believe
me try visiting either campus. The moment you see
them, you start feeling good that you don't go there.

Here's a school that, for better or worse, is totally
bereft of any identity. Some people regard it as THE
premier educational institution in the country. There
are those who, for good reason, look at it simply as
one big vicious playground. And others see it as a
breeding ground for militant wannabe rebels who try to
lobby for whatever cause they deem to be in the
country's best interest. For those of you who can
truly relate with the latter you have to be in your
late 40's or 50's. Shit you're OLD!!! La lang.

I favor the first two views. It really IS the best
educational institution there is. And I'm not just
saying that because I'm surrounded all day by UP
graduates who'd just as soon throw me off the 11th
floor balcony given the slightest provocation as look
at me. I really, really do believe...that they will
kill me if I say anything bad against UP. Can you
blame me? The only thing longer than the list of UP's
distinguished alumni (Miriam Defensor included) is the
list of all the in-campus violence. There's a psycho
lurking deep inside each UP educated man/woman/child.
This will be confirmed by the amount of hate mail I'll
be receiving from them.

Here's a school that will totally drag down one's
social status just by being enrolled in it. I don't
care how rich you are or how cultured you may be, if
you're from UST it don't mean shit. That's not
necessarily a bad thing. I know of several obnoxious AB
kids who were brought down several pegs while studying
there and are now some of the nicest,
most unassuming people to walk this planet.

It's funny to note how much this place of learning
mirrors the current social state of the country every
time the UAAP season kicks in. Come the basketball
tournament, they're all friends. You see them chanting,
clapping, and giving each other high-fives. United by
a common goal, the rich and the poor are united as
one. After the event is passed, they all go back to
hating each other.

Di Lumusot Sa UPCAT. That's a classic ain't it? It's
as hilarious now as it was when I first heard it in
1994, which is to say, it's about as funny as getting
kicked in the crotch. It's sad to note for a proud
alumnus such as myself that a school with as
impressive an academic pedigree as La Salle has become
nothing more than a money-hungry institution whose
only requirements for acceptance nowadays seem to be a
pulse, an IQ over 80, and the financial
capacity/ability to pay.

Nowadays, whenever I incounter a person clayming to be
from La Sall and they speech bad, have poor grammage,
and cannot spill correctness,
I am not surprice.

I'm not even sure if this place is a real school. And
I don't mean that in a
snooty-you're-nothing-compared-to-my-school way. I
>mean I'm not even sure this place actually exists. I
actually started believing that
its initials really stood for Negative sa UPCAT.

Think about it. Do any of you really know anyone from
NU? Do any of you even know of anyone who knows
anybody from NU? And if any of you even point to
their basketball team and the audience that watches
its games as proof of its existence, I beg you to
think of this point. They act like absolute maniacs
and they even look the part. If we go by that, then
the National University is not a school.
It's a correctional facility.

This school has had a bad rep since the day of its
inception. Admittedly, it started out as a place where
DLSU can deposit its non-performing students so as not
to give up the sizeable revenues from those
hopeless bastards who have the money to shell out but
not the ability to count it.

Everybody knows this already.
What people don't know is that CSB now boasts of fine
world class courses designed to equip the Benildean
with the tools necessary to succeed in the real world.
These courses include Basic Arithmetic majoring in the
Multiplication Table, Whining with a specialization on
Tantrums, and the ever popular Strategic Investments:
What to do with your Parents'

Them Opus Dei folks can slap it with whatever initials
they deem fit, it would still not change the fact that
this school will forever be known not by its academic
achievements but more by the fact that it is the only
school with a car to student ratio nearing 1:1. (No my
dear CSB students and alums, that is not read as one
colon one.)

The meanest thing one can say about CRC is that it's a
school filled with students rich enough to be
Ateneans, but will never be smart enough to be such.
The nicest thing one can say about CRC is that it's
near a Starbucks open until 2 am.

Now I realize I might have offended some people out
there. Let me tell you right now that I am
whole-heartedly and humbly sorry. I am sorry that you
have no sense of humor and nobody had the heart to
whack your uptight head when you were growing up.

For those of you did appreciate this, I give seminars
on insensitivity and creatively callous writing. Feel
free to email me. Peace and chill folks.

Vivienne V. Valledor
210 Slocum Hall
Dept. of Child & Family Studies
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never
stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and
neither do we."
George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004

"Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner
or later, he'll start saying that there is no air in outer space
because he did not work on it hard enough." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

on Mar 06, 2005
I'm from CSB but I still found the article really funny. The writer forgot to add that CSB is already more expensive than the ateneo!!!hahaha
on Mar 08, 2006
was your dad ed falgui the lawer?