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June 7, 2004 by EFalgui
Today I went around the Eastwood City trying to land myself a job. Anyway i passed my resume's to 4 company's and was able to meet a hot girl that lived near my place who was also applying for the same position. Well i have about 6 interviews scheduled for this week. i hope i can land a good one. wish me luck guys!Btw, what was you first job like? Are you still in the same company? How long did it take you to get promoted?
June 1, 2004 by EFalgui
Have you ever felt humbled whenever you are surrounded by total darkness? In the dark I have the chance to see something that will always exist, something as infinite and as eternal as time itself. Within the darkness I find myself at one with everything else, a place where I can find peace of mind from all my daily troubles

It was a place of solace for me, a place where nothing and no one could ever disturb or startle me. Within the darkness I found it easy to order my thoughts, a place wher...
February 21, 2004 by EFalgui
I believe i can fly... i believe i can touch the sky... Aaaahhhh!!! thud. ouch!!!

i guess believing in something doesnt make it true.

im bored...

i need a bath. any of the girls here want to join me?
February 16, 2004 by EFalgui
(This is what my darker side would probably be like. Its either the opposite of me or me taken to the extreme, maybe even both... or maybe just maybe this is the real me and i just didnt know it)

These are a few things I have learned throughout my life (young as I am). I learned these by common sense, experience and sometimes through observation. Trust is one of the things that I have a lot of trouble giving. Probably since I never really trusted a whole lot of people in my life.

To pu...
February 7, 2004 by EFalgui
My friends and I are going to build a house!!! Yes, you heard me right, we’re gonna build a house for Habitat for Humanity. I cant wait for next week, al of us is gonna volunteer again to make a few houses. This is a tradition of ours since college. Ever since first year when we were made to volunteer for our university.

Actually the first reason we volunteered for this while we were in college was that we were not given the choice not to go. Ohh yeah they said we can choose not to go but it ...
February 7, 2004 by EFalgui
Damn TV!!! i was watching my favorite anime cartoon called GTO when all of a sudden the friggin tv fizzed out on me. one second i was watching onizuka oggling the new nurse then the next second i was watching smoke coming out of the back of the tv. i called the technician to see if it could still be fixed and i found out that the picture tube was also affected!!!i have the equivalent of 700 dollars to spare for a new tv but i dont know whats a good brand to buy. im thinking of getting a sony or ...
January 30, 2004 by EFalgui
I Always Believed that We Humans would bring about our own destruction. there are so many things in this world that makes me think how we even survived as long as we have. We have wars, racism , children dying of hunger when just a few bloack away people eats three square meals a day,Wepons that could destroy our own planet in an instant, priests that sexually abuses the children who trusts them and leaders who care about nothing more than to make themselves more powerful, instead of serving th...
January 30, 2004 by EFalgui
10 Things That Piss Me Off......10 being what i hate the most

1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my watch is, buddy... where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the bathroom is??

2. People in the supermarket check out line who wait until their entire bill is rung up before they begin writing their check. the store name going to change, or the date, or your signature before the clerk finishes? Get a clue!

3. Peo...
January 22, 2004 by EFalgui
Its yummy for my tummy . hmm eating pringles while checking my mails and making testimonials in friendster. i love pringles.
December 14, 2003 by EFalgui
Actually as the great shaggy haired guy in the sky said"everything is relative." and anyway i wasnt saying that this is what i do or that cheating was an ok thing for me. what i was trying to point out was that most guys feel like this when they cheat. besides im not saying cheating is right im just trying to explain why guys cheat. as for self control it really depend on the person. ive got a very strong control on all my urges(sexual and others). actually i believe cheating is wrong,but... som...
December 15, 2003 by EFalgui
why do we spend hours and hours walking our dog, throwing sticks away just so they'll bring it back??? We love dogs thats why, even if they eat their own shit we still love our dogs. The most probable reason why we look after these animals is that we see much if ourselves in them. now tell me who among you guys have never envied dogs when you see them humping 3 girl dogs a day. Another thing is that dogs lick their crotches and sniff tails of women dogs, now who would like to be able to do those...
December 7, 2003 by EFalgui
"For me cheating is like eating or at least i think its close to it. lets say that your wife cook the best roast chicken and its your most favorite recipe in the world. even if you love it so much, if thats the only thing you'll be eating for your whole life even you will get sick of it. so you just have to get a taste of your neighbors spare-ribs or your boss's roast lamb, you know it wont compare to your wifes cooking, but when you get back to you wifes roast chicken it will taste even better ...
December 4, 2003 by EFalgui
Hmmm... Well most people i know think im a bad ass but this is not so. im just a guy who does whatever i want to do. If i was wrong then i just accept the fact that i made a mistake.i hate a person who never takes responsibility for their mistakes, i believe them to be weak. I think that I'm as intelligent as the next person (unless that person is Einstein), Most people who thinks they know me believes that I have no goals in life. I guess to a person who doesn't know me too well this will seem ...