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probably not, but there is always the hope that i could happen.
Published on February 21, 2004 By EFalgui In Misc
will I ever escape the stigma of my youth? Everywhere I go whatever I do everyone seems like they are expecting me to fail at any moment. The better I do the more people around me want to fail or in the least expect me to. It’s even worse with my family and relatives. At least with outsiders they also see the good things that I do. They acknowledge it and praise me for it. At home though and at family meetings people seem to want to hear bad news about my job, relationships etc. and when they do hear it they just give me this look that kind of says I told you so.

Maybe I deserve. You see when I was a kid I was always so bored because class seems so easy that I rarely study, do my homework or participate in class. I was a c+ student. The only reason that I passed in my overall grades was that I usually aced my tests and exams. This irritated most of my classmates, I was hmm… a know it all. I though that I had all the answers I needed.

When I was seven though my dad died of a heart attack. When this happened I was out of commission for about a week. (As you read more you’ll understand why) After getting over it for the most part I decided to become a more responsible person. I started doing all my schoolwork and I stopped cutting classes. This didn’t last long though. If you read the last paragraph most my classmates were already irritated with me. Guess what they did when I started getting A’s every time. That’s when they got nasty.

I don’t have an older brother to turn to when my classmate’s older brother starts to bully me. He and his friends would start throwing stones at my friends and me. In the end I had to do what my dad said I should only use when im backed into a corner. My dad was my first teacher in the arts of martial arts, more specifically taekwondo.

My dad has always been my hero ever since I was a kid. When he was younger my dad was already one of Philippine taekwondo team. He had won medals all around Asia. (He was eight dan black) he was also a successful lawyer. The thing I most loved about him was that even in his busy schedule he always found time for us kid. He was the one who gave me strength to fight back against a world that at that time seemed to be out to get me. Through him I learned physical control and discipline. Because of him I became strong.

The trouble was I came to like being able to fight kids who are a lot bigger than me. I began to attack the bullies myself, especially if I see one of my friends being hurt. I began to see myself as a force of good for my class. When I was around no one messed around with us. (This was at third grade) the lower batches looked up to my class. It gave me a sense of power, I felt like I could do anything. In short I became power mad.

One time though my actions went too far. Even with all my supporters and my friends, I did something that the vice principal and principal couldn’t let go. I beat up two sixth graders. They were new in our school and haven’t learned the rules. They messed around with my classmate Anne. Not only was she my classmate she was also my best friend. Me and another friend of mine waited for school to end and waited for them outside. Suffice to say that my friend and the other guys got suspended. I was kicked out of school though.

Anyway im going to stop here. ill just continue this tomorrow.

on Mar 18, 2004
What, a "know-it-all"?

What a way to sadomasochistically stroke yourself. Do you ever have orgasms this way?
on Mar 18, 2004
Families never seem to forget, they try to keep up humble.
on Mar 21, 2004
Hey dennis what the fuck are you doing over here in my blog? you're bored arent you?

Brad: Help Me!!! i cant login!!!
on Apr 04, 2004
lol I'm fucking bored with the old PS, and worried that it'll conk out in this weather. Addicted to the net again.