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Things that attract me to a person. :P
Published on February 20, 2004 By EFalgui In Personal Relationships
Im a very choosy person. i know what i want but i can adapt. Now here are what im mostly looking for in a person, as the title says my turn ons.(what turns me on about other people.)

1. Attractiveness: what else is the first thing we see about a person. this is what makes me want to get to know a person.

2. Intelligence: If the person turns out to be a total bonehead, well maybe id go out with her for a few weeks. the relationship wont last though. i want a person who can stimulate my mind as well as my sexual urges.

3. Well Read: i love reading. its one of my passions, a good book for me is worth its weight in gold. i want a woman whom i can discuss things with, things that i have read.

4. Loves to travel: i make it a point to go around the country by myself or with a couple of friends from time to time. i want a girl that has no problem with us traveling to places that i havent been yet.

5. Funny and happy-go-lucky: i cant stand people who cant have fun.

6. Is not afraid to show affection: Speaks for itself.

7. A good speaker: able to hold her side of the arguments we are likely to have.

8. Caring: i want someone who would care for me as much as i do her.

9. Strong: i dunno, i just like people who has a strong personality.

10. A good dancer: if she knows how to dance then we will really get along. (any kind of dance...even lap dances. J/K)

of course im not saying that she has to be all these, if she has a couple of these then we would probably get along well. there are a few more but im starting to see things in double. I NEED SLEEP. (5:30 am) G'night All!!!

bonus number:
11 Great In Bed: Duh it Speaks for itself!!! (hmm... should know at least 3 position in the kama sutra

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on Feb 20, 2004
Iz English your second language by any chance?

on Feb 20, 2004
I've got the perfect girl for ya, we didn't work out cause I'm not much of a dancer. I only shake it in the privacy of the bedroom or shower.
on Feb 20, 2004
Iz English your second language by any chance?

new-age - I don't get it. You aren't serious are you?
on Feb 20, 2004
"Things that attracts me to a person."

"Now here are what im mostly looking for..."

"i just like people who has a strong personality."

These are simple mistakes but you made the same type of mistake more than once, and my foreign friends do the same thing. No disrespect.

on Feb 20, 2004
Dream on, feller! The glitch in setting up standards is that the girl is setting up even more. Takes two to tango.
on Feb 20, 2004
ESPECIALLY lap dances.
on Feb 21, 2004
Dude, how old are you? I'm sure I'm far too young for you, but I believe myself to be attractive, as well as many guys. (I'm sure this won't tell you much, but I'm blonde (long) deep blue eyes, 5'8" ish, slender). I think I'm fairly intelligent, I'm teaching myself through high school Well Read... let's see, I haven't read THAT many books, but I do like to read and more as I get older. I LOVE TO TRAVEL! Definitely a funny and happy-go-lucky. Maybe I lack enough seriousness sometimes. Hmm, I'm not so sure I'm up to par on number six. Out of all of these number 7 is probably my strongest. I'm going to win at Nationals this year! oh yes! Hmm, I suppose I'm caring or at least I can be. Strength- As far as my personality and who I am, I'm very confident in myself and my beliefs. As far as my biceps, they need a little work, but that will come with riding in the summer! Dancing, now if we're talking ballet, umm, let's say I'm the opposite of graceful. As far as clubbing, I'm not the worst, but not the best. Is this what most guys look for? Oh and by the way your sub-title should be "Things that attract me to a person" not "attracts" -just a tip. You must need an intelligent girl to compliment that attribute of yourself(or lack thereof).
on Feb 21, 2004
My listing is here:

1. A set of strong leather straps, preferrably the non-chafing variety.

2. Lots of free time. Lots.

on Feb 21, 2004
New Age Nomad: hi, thanks for pointing out my mistakes. will change it as soon as i can. i usually type my shit when i wake up early in the mornings, those times where i cant get back to sleep.

JeremyG: come on man dont tell me you wouldnt want someone who knows how to do that.

BigDreamer415~:hey give me a break! i type most of these between 1 to 5 am. dont worry im gonna change the subs later.

PP: Hmm... leather.

Stevendadelus: i know. i just though that i would be nice to see what my half asleep brain would come up with.

Suspeckted: Horizontal dancing? hehehe

on Feb 21, 2004
Yeah! I need someobe who's intellectually stimulating.
on Feb 21, 2004
No wonder why all the ladies dig me so much...
on Feb 21, 2004
so how old are you? just curious
on Feb 21, 2004
I write missives like this all the time on my blog - and never do I get messages from High School girls. Phooey
on Feb 21, 2004
Im a teenager... twenteen two turning twenteen three at august.
on Feb 21, 2004

Yeah, unfortunately my horizontal mambo has not been seen by anyone in a long time. I wonder if I even remember how to do it...I should enroll in some remedial classes...but then again, isn't that what dating is?
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