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Here are a few maxims that shows best my personality, beliefs and my philosophy in life.
Published on February 6, 2004 By EFalgui In Misc
Clever people find life easy when fools find it hard, and often it's hard for the clever and easy for the fool.

Who ought to have had patience with me if I hadn't had any myself?

How good it would have been for us if only we had understood or been told earlier that one is never on better terms with a woman friend than when praising our rival. For then her heart opens up, every fear of hurting you, her worry that she might lose you, has vanished; she takes you into her confidence and you are happy in the conviction that you will pick the fruit from the tree if you're affable enough to let others have the falling leaves.

There’s nothing clever that hasn’t been thought of before - you’ve just got to try to think it all over again.

Some people are proud about what they know; about what they don't know, they are arrogant.

To rule and to enjoy don't go together. To enjoy means to belong light-heartedly to oneself and to others; to rule means to do good in the most seriously purposeful way to oneself and to others.

Let memory fail as long as our judgment remains intact when needed.

He who is afraid of ideas in the end also lacks concepts.

One must repeat one's confession of faith from time to time; actually state what one condones, what one condemns; for the opposing camp isn't silent either.

I can promise to be candid, not, however, to be impartial.

Ingratitude is always a kind of weakness. I have never known competent people to be ungrateful.

There are people who never make mistakes because they never have sensible projects.

One can't live for everyone, more especially not for those with whom one wouldn't care to live.

You really only know when you know little; doubt grows with knowledge.

In the works of man as in those of nature, what most deserves notice is his intention.

There are two peaceful powers: law and decency. Myself I would rather have decency.

on Feb 07, 2004
If you live this way, you are a very wise man.
on Feb 07, 2004
I try to live by these Maxims. sometimes though i make mistakes and choose the wrong decisions but all in all these are the thing i try to live by. that is not to say i dont have fun with my life.