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Published on July 10, 2004 By EFalgui In Just Hanging Out
I just dont know whether i should go on with this job i have right now. Im having lots of fun, ive met a whole lot of cool and funny people, but its really hard for me becuase i rarely see my girlfriend anymore. we started having this arguments a couple of weeks back and its been three days since we had a normal conversation. Mostly its all arguments about giving her some of my time. the thing is that i work on the graveyard shift since our customers are from the US and Canada, yup we are an inbound callcenter. anyway i rarely see my girl anymore because of this and though i try to see her on the weekends i am usually too tired to do anything when we meet. anyway i just dont know what to do. fuck!!!!!!!!!!
on Jul 10, 2004
You should employ a peasant to help you with your duties.
on Jul 15, 2004
Great idea, maybe i can get one from the bundoks to do my work for me. anyway nice to hear from the great Sir Peter.