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finding beauty in an empty world.
Published on June 1, 2004 By EFalgui In Blogging
Have you ever felt humbled whenever you are surrounded by total darkness? In the dark I have the chance to see something that will always exist, something as infinite and as eternal as time itself. Within the darkness I find myself at one with everything else, a place where I can find peace of mind from all my daily troubles

It was a place of solace for me, a place where nothing and no one could ever disturb or startle me. Within the darkness I found it easy to order my thoughts, a place where I can find the peace that was lacking in the day. After a while whenever I had a problem I would only need to spend a few minutes or so in the dark to find a solution. Within it I saw that anything was possible. Even today after reading a book I sometimes find myself going through within in the dark of my mind.

In the darkness I became anything I wanted to be, went to places I could only dream of even places that never existed at all. In short it became my unending canvas where I can paint cities of intense beauty, where knights fights gallantly against evil sorcerers who wields powers beyond measure. I created gods and demons that would vie for control over a mortal’s soul. In it i found a place where my imagination has free reign over everything.

These days whenever I feel the urge to write I usually try to find a dark place where I can work by myself. At times I find myself in the mountain simply because it is one of the most serene places near my home. At times I go the just so I can listen to the sounds that exists only in the night. In its own way I always found that mountain magical whenever the darkness settles, surrounding everything making everything disappear with its touch. As the night consumes every single cell in my body, I start to feel more alive, ready to face the new day that is ahead. With that feeling I start to write with the knowledge that tomorrow bring new chances, new experiences that would teach me more about my role in this world where I found myself living in.

Most people find the dark to be a terrifying place to be. Though this is understandable since the fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears a person can feel, and what is more unknowable than what is hidden in the dark. Our imagination gives life to ghosts and goblins that have haunted the night ever since humans became obsessed with the dark. Within the darkness lies an intense beauty where all our dreams and nightmares reside.

Whenever I sense a need to be alone, to compose myself and to relax I need only to go out into the night to leave my worries in the light. Yes the dark could be a terrifying place but given a chance you will find it too has the same beauty that one can find in the vastness of space. Within it lies an endless beauty that no one else can spoil.

on Jun 01, 2004
Ohhh I really like this Edmund.

I too used to think of darkness like that ....atm it reminds me of things I don't want to imagine, but hopefully I will soon find it my space again.

on Jun 04, 2004
Thanks Jess, i hope that you will be able to see darkness the same way you once did.
on Jun 04, 2004
Nicely done. I also enjoy the darkness as it can be very peaceful.