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Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or an innocent fool.
Published on April 24, 2004 By EFalgui In Misc
“Looks Doesn’t Matter” How anyone can say this with a straight face, i just don’t know. The first thing that gets me to become attracted to a person is whether they look good or dress well. Basically since i don’t know them too well at first i want to be seen with good-looking people only, of course this doesn’t count if they are already my friends in the first place. (Im talking about meeting people who i don’t know and not people who my friends know. if my friends know them well then looks doesn’t matter since i have something to base the way i think about them.) I know this make me sound shallow and everything, but can you tell me honestly that looks doesn’t matter when you meet someone for the first time? Well maybe if you are a saint, but if you are anything like everyone else in this foolish world of ours then you probably care. (But hey! I don’t know you so, who knows?)

Don’t get me wrong though, im not saying personality isn’t important. What im just saying is that, the importance of the people’s personality comes after the first time you meet. To be honest the first time I meet someone its either i try to impress them or size them up, probably both. The reason that I think this way is that a person couldn’t really get to know another person just after 2 or 3 dates. It is rare to find a person who is completely honest at the first meeting. Try it, im pretty sure you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway the reason for all this is that my cousin and I had an argument about a friend she set me up with. I found out it was one of the friends of my best friends sister… to make things short lets just say she was ugly the last time I saw her, so I decided not to go for that reason. My cousin was so mad at me that she kept saying that I sucked as a cousin. Of course I felt a bit angry as well as wee bit guilty, since it was somewhat true. The next day I told her that if she really cares about it then ill go. Anyway I went and to my surprise she wasn’t that bad at all. I guess four years can change a person. (or maybe a surgeon did) I can tell you that when I got home I was extremely happy that I went on with it. The next day my cousin and me began this argument. Anyway im out.

on Apr 24, 2004
looks does matter, but apparently grammar doesn't.
on Apr 24, 2004
looks does matter, but apparently grammar doesn't.

Hahaha! ROFLMAO!

I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this...
on Apr 24, 2004
Looks are very important. Unlike personality, which can change on a whim, one is stuck with how they look. Also, anybody can be attracted as long as they try to be. Some do have to try harder than others though.
on Apr 25, 2004
looks does matter, but apparently grammar doesn't.

You make me crying. wah! You is very unfair... man!
on May 23, 2004
Looks does matter, but apparently grammar doesnt... ha out of the entirety of the article... the only thing you can find to comment on is grammar... was idiot fools the two of you are. This is not english class... if the only thing you can think of is that his grammar was not up to par for you two then by all means dont comment... no one is ripping your arm off to do so...
And if either one of you decided to comment on this for "poor spelling" then it shows how meager and ignorant you really are.

on May 23, 2004
Edmund, this is the honest to God's truth, Looks do matter to men, and they dont matter as much to woman.

Attraction is not a choice though, so dont feel guilty of you weren't attracted to this girl... she will get over it mate.

on May 23, 2004
That is the type of stupidity that I am growing to hate, Edmund writes an article and all someone can think of to say is that he is grammatically wrong. Bloody fools!

Looks do matter; I have no interest in pretending to find ugly or fat women attractive just because it is the PC thing to do. Maybe if we told fat women that they are repulsive vomit inducing disgraces, they would have some motivation to loose weight but we mollycoddle them so that they think it is acceptable and then they start talking bloody rubbish claiming they are "happy and fat" or "bubbly".... Bloody wasters!
on May 23, 2004
of course this doesn’t count if they are already my friends in the first place

goes without saying...if they werent attractive, you would never have condescended to allow them to meet you. as far as those who don't meet your standards, it's to their benefit since being in your company would constantly remind them what poor genetic choices theyve made. hopefully truly good looking people will return the favor and refuse to have anything to do with you.
on May 23, 2004
Its ok about the grammar thing. I guess my reply was a bit over the top though. hehehe. i guess i should get some sleep before writing anything.
on May 24, 2004
How could truly good looking people like me refuse to have anything to do with someone as good looking as myself?
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